Afghan Taliban

Afghan Taliban ‘s delegation member Sohail Shaheen, said that if international forces did not leave Afghanistan on time, in accordance with the Doha agreement, they would continue their armed struggle against them.

He told a news conference in Tehran on Monday that the presence of international forces, whether American or NATO, would mean the occupation of Afghanistan.

He reiterated the call by a number of other Taliban interlocutors for an Islamic state to replace the current government in Afghanistan, adding that talks were under way with the Afghan side.

The former spokesman for the Taliban’s political office stressed that the group was not seeking power in Afghanistan, but was working to build an inclusive system.

Mr Shaheen called on US President Joe Biden’s administration to remain committed to the Doha Accords, which he said were not just with former President Donald Trump, but with the US government.

Afghan Taliban have dismissed claims by the United States, the European Union and other countries that the group “continues to wage war, kill civilians, destroy public places and engage in targeted killings.”

The Taliban’s response on Monday came after the European Union’s mission in Kabul on January 8 called on the Taliban to end the violence and destroy infrastructure.


Afghan Taliban
Afghan Taliban

“Afghan Taliban must realize that their destructive and violent actions are angering the world,” the US embassy said in a tweet.

A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said in a statement: “The allegations are baseless.

The US embassy yesterday called on the Taliban to renounce violence for peace and the European Union to call on the group to show its commitment to peace.

But the Taliban said in a statement that the group had always insisted on talks to resolve the issue.

They also say that if the Doha Agreement is implemented, it is in the interest of the United States, other countries involved and Afghans:

“On the contrary, if one ignores the Doha Accords, seeks excuses for the continuation of the war and the extension of the occupation, then the Afghan Mujahid people can bravely defend their values, soil, country and rights as they have proven in history. ”

But the government’s negotiating team with the Taliban in Doha also said in an online press conference yesterday that no talks had taken place between them and Taliban representatives for about two weeks.

Under a February 5 peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban, the group will not attack US forces, reduce violence in Afghanistan and negotiate peace with the Afghan government.

In return, the United States has promised to reduce its forces in Afghanistan and withdraw all troops by May 5.

But four senior NATO officials told Reuters yesterday that the Taliban had not met the conditions set out in the agreement and that international troops might remain in Afghanistan beyond next month.

The Pentagon also said on Thursday that the Afghan Taliban had not lived up to its commitments in a peace deal with the United States, including reducing violence and severing ties with al-Qaeda.

But Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, deputy head of the Taliban’s political office, told a news conference in Moscow on Friday that the group stood by its commitments to the United States, adding that al-Qaeda in Afghanistan had no foreign fighters in its ranks.

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